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Yin and Yang for Body Renewal Treatment

Embracing the ancient Chinese tradition of healing, some spas use the time-honored philosophy of Wu Xing or “five elements” as the basis of its treatments and designs.

The five elemental energies – earth, gold, water, wood and fire – symbolize the life forces present in all living things, each one being a manifestation of yin and yang, or the opposing states of nature. These elements coupled with the union of yin and yang, form the main roots in the ancient Chinese tree of well-being and are the basis that guides the proper application of traditional Chinese herbal remedies.

The spa’s range of body renewal treatments and facials use Chinese herbs and natural ingredients to balance each of the five elements according to individual needs. After determining which elements are out of balance, resident therapists with knowledge of ancient Chinese healing will prescribe the perfect spa therapy to restore body and soul to a state of harmony and balance.

Unique therapies drawing on Chinese herbal remedies include black sesame scrubs, apple and green tea polishers, ginseng nourishers, rice pearl conditioners and oriental herbal whiteners. For those who prefer the exotic pampering, some spas offers firm favorites such as lular and tropical fruit scrubs, Balinese and lomi lomi massages, and Thai foot and hand treatments.

Other spa’s design displays a post-modern Chinese influence where each of the five elements is translated into physical design features. There is also a Fire Room decorated in flaming red, an Earth Room furnished in raw stones and a Water Room complete with indoor waterfall.

Meaning of the Five Elements:

1) Earth: Representing the state of optimum balance, earth regulates the five elements. As the pivot of the cycle, it symbolizes late summer when the yang energies of spring and summer transform into the yin energies of autumn and winter.

2) Gold: Representing the state of purification, gold is linked autumn when energies are purified and conserved for the impending winter. Gold symbolizes wealth and prosperity and is characterized by radiance.

3) Water: Associated with winter and extreme yin, water is represented by the color black. Characterized by the season of rest and stillness, the water element is meditative and gentle. In feng shui it is widely used to promote wealth and good luck.

4) Wood: Expressed as the season of spring, where new life begins and hibernation ends, wood is the start of yang energy. Characterized by growth and renewal, wood is represented by the color green.

5) Fire: The strongest yang energy in the five elements, fire is associated with vitality and the heat of summer. It is the most energetic of the elements and is used to counter excessive heat. It is represented by the color red.

Try this body renewal treatment near your place. Always, consult the professionals when trying something new.


Franc said...

I'm sure with these elements, there will be a right level of balance to be achieved.

papaleng said...

Wow! I've learned a lot sa post mo. Nest talaga if the five elements are in harmony with each other.

Louise Banta said...

Never heard of a yin yang spa but it sounds like a great thing to experience. The elements does seem to balance everything.

Patriz Nicole Gueco said...

This is a new information for me. I will surely ask for these kinds of rooms in the spas near us.

Sam said...

Relaxation is a thing that is not prioritized in our generation. I just hope people will take time to slow down as much as to speed up :)

Franc said...

This is better than regular body treatment as this treatments and elements have been tested through time.

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